UK New Business / Sales and Marketing Salary Survey

Find out how much Project Support, New Business, and Sales & Marketing executives earn.

Job titleLow (per annum)Middle (per annum)High (per annum)
Marketing Assistant£24,000£27,000£30,000
Marketing Manager£30,000£40,000£50,000
Document Controller£24,000£30,000£40,000
Bid / Marketing Coordinator£26,000£32,000£35,000
Tele Sales£22,000£25,000£30,000
Tele Sales Executive£26,000£35,000£45,000
Tele sales Manager£35,000£40,000£50,000
Business Dev Manager (Tier 1)£40,000£45,000£60,000
Project Director (Tier 2)£50,000£80,000£125,000

With sales positions there will be other incentives, commission and bonuses. Level of commission and bonus can vary. And this will depend on the company set up and level of the position. Commission can vary from an extra £5,000 per annum for more entry level sales, up to Project Directors earning an extra £80k – £100k per annum.

Other benefits at senior level include pension (6-12%), medical, travel or car allowances, professional fees paid and in some cases stock or share options.