UK Interior Design Salary Guide

Find out how much interior design roles earn in our comprehensive salary guide.

Job titleLow (per annum)Middle (per annum)High (per annum)
Interior Designer 1-2 yrs exp£23,000£24,000£26,000
Interior Designer 3-4 yrs exp£26,000£30,000£32,000
Interior Designer 5-6 yrs exp£32,000£35,000£42,000
Interior Designer 6 + yrs exp£38,000£42,000£50,000

Associate Director


Project Director

Technician (Senior)£40,000£45,000£50,000
Head of Technical Design£45,000£50,000£60,000
FF&E (Intermediate)£28,000£30,000£32,000
FF&E (Senior)£35,000£40,000£60,000
Interior Architect (Intermediate)£28,000£35,000£38,000
Interior Architect (Senior)£38,000£45,000£55,000

On top of salaries there can also be offered; performance and group bonuses which normally equate to 10% of the annual basic salary on consultancy.

Other benefits at senior level include pension (6-12%), medical, travel or car allowances, professional fees paid and in some cases stock or share options.