With Virtual Reality (VR) now firmly here, the opportunities to apply and achieve process innovation are huge. How important is a high fidelity spatially correct experience to iterative decision-making in the design process or indeed as part of a sales process?  We believe significant value can be unlocked if the power of this new technology is combined with a detailed understanding of the relevant business need and a new process designed to make the best use of this new tech.

JaK is working directly with one of the leading visualisation practices in the UK with staff of around 50 people who have been trading since 2001. 5 years ago they started working with Real Time (gaming technology) /VR technology, focusing on how to deliver significant value and process innovation to their clients. This is a rapidly expanding part of the business and the work that they have been doing with their clients has proved that VR has much commercial value to deliver, not just in the more stereotypical marketing scenarios but arguably to greater effect in terms of creating new and more efficient ways of designing things. Their recent work on Battersea Powerstation was showcased in an article with City AM:


VR is a great way to communicate concepts that are either just concepts, not yet fully designed or built or simply not physically available. Our client has recently been appointed to advise Blue Abyss, the company behind the deepest Dive Centre in the world, on how VR can be used to help them communicate the project to funders, planning authorities and potential customers.


What they have been looking at is how to get value across all stages of design, from concept to post-construction, from bid-winning to building handover and how to increase the speed of the process.

VR can provide the opportunity to get products to market faster (pre-sell), conduct focus groups on forthcoming designs, potentially show them in key contexts, and even create bespoke products on the fly.

If you are interested in talking to us about VR either for training or external consultancy services then please feel free to contact us.