Melbourne Interior Designer Rates and Salary Guide

As provided by our affiliated partners, BTandP.

Experience Level Per Hour Contract Per Annum Salary
Graduate – No Experience

$30.07 – $31.00

$47,513 – $51,500 #
1 Year Experience $30.50 – $32.50 $48,000 – $53,000
2 Years Experience $31.00 – $34.00 $49,500 – $56,500
3 Years Experience* $32.00 – $36.00 $52,500 – $59,000
4 Years Experience* $34.50 – $38.50 $58,000 – $65,500
5 Years Experience* $37.50 – $42.00 $62,000 – $69,500
6 Years Experience $39.00 – $44.00 $66,500 – $75,000
7 Years Experience $42.50 – $46.50 $70,000 – $79,000
8 Years Experience $44.50 – $48.00 $74,500 – $83,000
9 Years Experience $46.50 – $50.00 $78,500 – $89,000
10 Years Experience $48.50 + $87,500 +


Please Note: Above rates DO NOT include the statutory 9.50% Superannuation component

Over the past 6 months, the market has maintained high activity levels, with a broadening of activity across all project sectors. Based on this, we are seeing high levels of demand and often very specific requests from employers – essentially a market where there is competition among employers for job seekers with broad skills and experience. Increasingly, we are seeing rates and salaries based on the requirements of the role as opposed to the overall experience level of the applicant creating some disparity among job seekers with similar years of experience. Further factors such as company size, project type and specific software skills may be a consideration when negotiating rates or salaries.

Salary levels for personnel in excess of 9 years experience are still solely by negotiation based on the job specification. Personnel managing projects with a team of three or less would receive a supervisory loading of between $2,500 and $5,500 per annum.

Personnel managing larger projects with a team of three or more would receive a supervisory loading of between $5,000 and $12,000 per annum.

The above rates/salaries are based on averages for each category and by no means reflect the highest or lowest figures available. (With the exception of Award Based figures shown in the experience bands marked with #). Individuals are of course assessed on their ability and experience, which could well place them above or below the averages for the applicable years of experience.

Please refer to the Miscellaneous Award 2010 as to how overtime hours are treated.

BIM Expertise

Please Note: In the past we have included a loading for those with strong BIM based experience in both Revit and ArchiCAD.
Based on the high level of use now, the above figures assume abilities in this area.

For those with solely AutoCAD experience, rates and salaries may now be in the lower to mid ranges indicated.

Rate to Salary Parity

Whilst the ‘1650’ formula is still the standard conversion used to equate contract rates to salary figures, it is becoming increasingly difficult to relate this to senior level positions where the number of hours worked can vary markedly and “compensation” for increased hours is not common for most salaried personnel.

As such we suggest careful consideration of all circumstances in a contract arrangement to ensure an equitable situation is attained for all parties.

We are happy to provide specific advice in these circumstances.


# Under the Fair Work Act 2009, Interior Designers are represented by the Miscellaneous Award 2010.

The above award rate corresponds to the Level 4 classification.