Head of Workplace Strategy

Head of Workplace Strategy


Commercial office

International Team and involved with European projects

Key Qualifications and Expertise:

1. Exceptional Communication Skills:

Proficient in conveying complex concepts to clients through clear and

compelling visual and written communication.

2. Strategic Thinker:

Displays a keen interest in anthropology research and/or behavioral science,

approaching projects with a strategic mindset.

3. Client Relationship Management:

Capable of cultivating and nurturing client relationships, with a focus on

supporting the management of key client accounts and fostering long-term

project pipelines.

4. Team Leadership:

Competent in leading and guiding a small team of professionals working under a

project director.

5. Client Engagement:

Comfortable leading client communications and providing valuable support during

workshops and presentations.

6. Strategic Insight:

Possesses a deep understanding of client challenges and how workplace strategy

and design can effectively address them.

7. Project Management:

Adept at efficiently managing multiple projects and priorities, often within tight


8. Holistic Perspective:

Capable of thinking from both an organizational demand and building supply

perspective, with a solid grasp of their interrelationship.

9. Data Proficiency:

Comfortable working with data and research material, proficient in extracting

meaningful insights and presenting them clearly and concisely.

10. Project Management:

Demonstrates proficiency in managing medium to large projects, including

responsibility for the commercial aspects, resource planning, content quality,

and client relationship management.

11. Innovative Thinking:

Proactively seeks out innovation and best practices in all aspects of the role,

introducing fresh ideas and perspectives to client projects and internal


12. Proposal Writing:

Able to craft persuasive proposals with a clear narrative, comprehensive service

descriptions, and associated fee modeling.

13. Networking:

Actively participates in industry events, conferences, and stays updated with

relevant publications to remain current with sector trends and challenges.

14. Team Collaboration:

Works collaboratively as part of a project team to support the Associate Director in

achieving project goals.

15. Quality Assurance:

Adheres to our client’s management systems to ensure that project output aligns

with our client’s rigorous standards.

16. Continuous Learning:

Engages with and learns from colleagues in a multi-disciplinary office to

enhance knowledge of workplace design.

17. Client Expectation Management:

Ensures that client aspirations and expectations are effectively managed

throughout the project lifecycle.


  • Bachelor’s (BSc) or Master’s (MSc) degree or equivalent in a relevant Design discipline such as Architecture or Social Sciences.
  • Demonstrated

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